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Sport Project

Dear members,

We present you the new sport project of the CS Aylmer for the next 5 years. After 2 difficult years in the soccer world due to the pandemic, the CS Aylmer took the opportunity to work on an ambitious project. It will allow us to offer a quality service of proximity to all our young athletes but also to become a model in training and development. This project is in line with the program of recognition set up by Soccer Quebec.




The orientations of the sports project were decided on the basis of the following observations:

  • Athletes between the ages of 4 and 12 represent more than 80% of the club's total membership. This group will continue to grow over the next few years due to the exponential demographics expected in the Aylmer sector.
  • The lack of an indoor soccer facility in the western part of the city of Gatineau has resulted in a significant gap in membership between the summer and winter seasons. We must therefore find other solutions to be able to offer a year-round service.
  • The increase of the female sector, it represent more than 35% of the club.

This project will be based on 5 main priorities in order to offer a quality service of proximity to all our members throughout the season.

The first objective will be to work with our educators. In order to have young athletes who enjoy themselves on the field while developing. It is essential that all our educators be trained. To this end, the technical commission has developed a program of internal and individualized training. This program will be given throughout the year.

Emphasis will also be placed on the women's sector: The trainers will be made aware of the specific sports and educational aspects of women's soccer. They will be better able to respond to the needs and expectations of female players.

The Club Development Centers between U7 and U12, organized for 2 years now, will evolve towards a format that will allow us to offer a service not only according to the level of interest but also according to the quality of our athletes. This new format will allow us to group the athletes in homogeneous groups where they will be able to evolve and progress at their own pace and fully develop.

Our will is to prioritize training and development before the age of 12 but we will offer our U13 and older players 2 options:

CS Aylmer will continue to offer a quality and proximity service, in the continuity of the club development centers, for our U13 and older athletes. They will be able to play at the local or A level and benefit from quality coaching.

We will also offer, to the U13 players and more who have the capacities and the qualities to evolve at a higher level, the possibility of being directed, on recommendation of the technical commission of the CSA and in agreement with the parents, towards one of our 2 partner clubs to evolve at a level AA even AAA.

Finally, in order to allow the children to play all year round, the CSA will invest in the development of Futsal. As you know, the CSA has engaged this season a team in the Quebec Premier League and 2 regional teams including a women's team. For the years to come, our objective is to create a youth academy in partnership with schools in order to constitute a pool of athletes of which we hope to lead the greatest number towards the first league.

Here are the main lines of development and training. You can find more details about this project below:

Sport Project

We hope that this project will make you want to continue playing at CS Aylmer.

We thank you all and hope to see you on the soccer fields soon.


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