Withdraw from the negotiations concerning the unification

CS Aylmer (CSA) was approached by FC Gatineau (FCG) in the fall of 2019 to explore the possibility of a merger between the two clubs as part of the steps FCG had undertaken to obtain national recognition from Soccer Canada's Club Recognition Program (CRP).  


The project for a unified club was initially based on the mutual desire to create a sports and technical project based on a common philosophy, with the two founding clubs considered equal partners in the unification process.  


The December 2020 FCG General Assembly brought in a new administration. Since the resumption of negotiations in January 2021, this new administration has proposed conditions for unification, which: 

  • no longer correspond to those that had encouraged us to respond favourably to the FCG's request, and on which there is no consensus; 
  • no longer correspond to the unification project that had been presented to you and for which we had received your approval; 
  • will not lead to benefits for our club, its members and its staff that are greater than what they currently are and that would justify the dissolution of the CSA. 

Members of the Board of Directors have therefore decided, unanimously and in agreement with the Technical Director, to withdraw from the negotiations concerning the unification between the CSA and the FCG. 

We would like to thank the Sports Direction of the city of Gatineau and all the interlocutors who accompanied us in this process. We have assured them that the CSA will remain very involved in projects that would have an impact on the development of soccer in the western part of Gatineau. 

The CSA will use its competencies to propose a sport project that conforms with our values, and whose cornerstone is what makes our reputation: the quality of our coaching, and the quality of the training that we provide to our members. 

We will keep you informed of future developments. 

Enjoy the summer! 


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