About the decision to resume the activities

Following the decision to resume the activities of Aylmer Soccer Club (ASC) in January, a number of you have come forward to coaches seeking more information. The communication committee has drafted a document summarizing the main questions and answers.

Who made the decision to continue the activities of the ASC (competitive and recreational)?

All staff and members of the board of the Aylmer SC met on December 21st to review the situation as announced at the Special General Meeting. During this meeting, additional time was requested to think about a solution that would make it possible to have the necessary funds until the March’s registration period. The amount raised in December, although significant, did not allow ASC to continue the competitive activities of the club. For some, it was out of the question to let the children down after everything the ASC has gone through since last summer without exploring every possible solution.  

What decisions were made to make it possible to continue the activities of the ASC?

Reduction of payroll:  

  • Termination of the administrative assistant's employment contract Non-renewal of the expired employment contract of a technician. who had already started looking for a new job in the region. Ending the Pole Soccer program which was in deficit. (Of note, We have offered the participants of this program the possibility of integration into the programs they would have participated in this winter if Pole Soccer had not been offered -preparation AA and Academy U11).  


  • General management:   As the members of the Board are not in a position to take charge of all the management and operational duties of the club, the position of General Manager has been maintained. The Board had previously planned to separate the responsibilities of General Manager and Chief Technical Officer into two positions, the compensation for this position was reduced to reflect the changes in responsibilities. The Acting GM also agreed that the payment of his salary be deferred in order to maintain the necessary cash flow for the upcoming months. As indicated at the AGM, the position of GM will be open for applications once the final recommendations from the organizational diagnosis has been received and the job duties as well as qualities and competencies are defined for the combined position.  


  • Technical direction:   Assistant Technical Director Anthony Olio will be in charge of the technical direction of Aylmer SC. He will be confirmed in this position as soon as he has completed the training given by the Fédération de soccer du Québec, in March 2019.
How was the lack of short-term cash resolved?

The amount raised by the December campaign (about $ 28,000) is significant however, less than the required $60,000 that is needed to maintain competitive activities. Members of ASC (on and off the board) mobilized personal financial resources to reach and even exceed the announced threshold thus allowing to unlock the funds obtained through sponsorship offers, donations and cash advances for the coming summer season. The amount loaned to the Club by the members is $ 44,000. These loans are interest free and the repayment terms remain to be determined. When this is done, the club will sign a debt acknowledgment to the members concerned.  

Has the composition of the board changed?

Since the SGM, Mr. Thivierge, Mr Casanova and Mr. Ponce have left the Board. The current board members are Mrs. Morissette, Mrs. Xavier, Mr. Tisserand, Mr. Elleithy and Mr. Chevaucherie. The current board members are very involved in the renewal of the Club and they have made it possible for the ASC to survive. Of note, Mrs. Xavier is the spouse of the current Acting GM. She wishes to be part of the reconstruction of the club and will sign a declaration outlining the conflict of interest, she will not participate in any discussions concerning Mr. Mattesco and will not take part in any voting that would concern her spouse. Furthermore, all board members have committed to signing a conflict of interest declaration. These statements will eventually be made available on our website in a demonstration of transparency. At the present time, there are three vacant board positions. Everyone who wishes to share their skills and serve the Aylmer SC in these exciting rebuilding times is welcome and we invite you to contact us for any further information.

Will the club's operation change?

The club continues its in-depth restructuring. We are in the process of completely reviewing the business model of Aylmer SC. We have involved a number of parents in our organization and we are fortunate to have a highly motivated and highly competent technical team. We have formed a financial committee composed of motivated people, whose mandate is to diversify the sources of income of the CSA so that we do not have to relive our current situation. Various means of financing will be explored such as the continued search for sponsors, fundraising activities, etc. We have received a lot of messages of encouragement and we will, in the upcoming months, take advantage of the contacts we have been able to make with companies and people who have expressed a desire to support us. We have also created a communication committee whose mandate is to improve the sharing of information with members. The publication of a monthly newsletter is an example of the club's desire to communicate more effectively and openly with all of you.

How can you help us for the future?

With your support, the ASC wishes to become a model for the development of the recreational and competitive players but also a model of good Club management. 

There are a number of ways you can help build the future of the club. Financially, you can help by taking advantage of your network, putting us in touch with your business partners or employers to offer us the opportunity to give them a win-win partnership with Aylmer SC. Operationally, you can help us by submitting your ideas and suggestions. 

We look forward to hearing from you and using this opportunity to build a Club we can all be proud to be a part of.  

If you wish to help out, contact us here.


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