Technical policy


Respect of the technical policy of the club = A balanced education for a better future the players and club players

Equal individual  technical training for all at any level

Fairness for all in the choice of the groups and the forming of the teams. Evaluations are identical references for everyone, this allows the player to be place in the group level that his/her individual development is optimum among the group.

Each coach will have to respect the proposed program given by the technical (U4 to U12) program Aylmer soccer club team. Coaches with the DEP or more may establishtheir own training program. Coaches will be trained or in training (S2, S3, DEP License B…). An internal training from the Aylmer soccer club will be set up with a technical monitoring of the Aylmer soccer club technical committee for all.

The teams will be composed of players based on their individual level and the evaluation results. However, it will be possible for players who had an interesting progressionto level up (decision made by the Aylmer soccer club technical committee only). Reserve players will train with their regular season teams and will only participate at match* policy reserve player*

Team composition is determined by the Aylmer soccer club technical committee . Players, parents and coaches must respect these choices.

It is important to make the players evolve at the appropriate level to ensure their development. Determining the level of the players is determined by the Aylmer soccer club technical committee.

Any groups, teams playing under the identity of the Aylmer Soccer Club must be equipped with the original colors of the club. All adding equipment by an externalsponsorship must be submitted and approved by the General Director of the Aylmer Soccer Club. Adding name on the jerseys are disallowed for reasons of fairness,homogeneity and image.