Reserve player policy


A reserve player means a player who takes part in one or more matches (maximum of 7) with another team of his club, superior or equal category to his affiliated category and or superior or equal class to his affiliated class and if necessary, in a different division that is a team of the same category and the same class.

The call up for a reserve player serves to fill in places on the team for the exceptional/occasional absent of players (health issue, injury, vacation) that prevents the team to participate in an official match in the best conditions.

The call up for a reserve player is done only  with the approval of the technical committee before informing the coach, the player and the parents concerned.

The player will participate only at official games of the team that has appealed for a reserve player and in no case will participate in practices of this team. He will continue to train with his own team and play with it normally.

If ever there was a conflict with the schedules, priority will be given to his regular team.

Non-compliance with this charter and its implementing rules could result to internal disciplinary sanctions.